Unmanned car | this is the yearning life

Future rural demonstration village "baquan village"

Baquan village is located in the southeast of Heshan Town, Tongxiang City, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province. It is said that there are eight places in the original village area, such as hehuayang, Southeast Qianyang, Qingning Yang, northeast qiaoyang, huolubang, shojiao bang, Anbang and changbang. There is a spring hole in each place, so there are eight springs in total, so it is called baquan village.

The whole village covers an area of 5.05 square kilometers, a cultivated land area of 3852 Mu and a total population of 3600. Baquan village's industry takes silk textile, plastic shoe materials and high-quality home textiles as its pillar industries. In addition to the development of traditional rice, chrysanthemum planting and sericulture, the planting of high-quality vegetables and fruits is booming.

In recent years, novel coronavirus pneumonia has been awarded to eight springs village, including the National Forest and village, the civilized village of Zhejiang, the advanced grassroots party organization of Zhejiang, the Zhejiang advanced group against the new crown pneumonia, the new village of beautiful village in Zhejiang, Zhejiang health village and so on.

Today, baquan village has built a "2 + 8 + X" baquan model around the "five modernizations and ten scenes" of the future countryside, with the theme of "happy residence + Happy Tour", and has been selected as the first batch of pilot villages for future rural construction in Zhejiang Province. In order to create a literary and intelligent version of "yearning life" , baquan village cooperates with Ren Wuxing's unmanned vehicles to empower rural cultural tourism innovation with the most advanced unmanned vehicle technology, the most humanized retail service and the most perfect operation system.

You heard right, in the wild neighbor Sangye island. Ren Wuxing's unmanned vehicle is smart, tangible, cute and intelligent. The Neolithic unmanned vehicle demonstrates the intelligent charm of "sweet, salty and fashionable" to tourists.

As long as you come to Yelin Sangye Island, you will find that unmanned cars dressed in black-and-white and gray coats shuttle happily among the crowd. They beat the hearts of tourists with friendly prompts and warm greetings again and again. Like fascination, everyone took out their mobile phones to experience "5-second shopping around", so that people who are tired from the journey can return to their state in an instant and call "come on". These "black technologies" have undoubtedly become "hot money" in the circle of friends of tourists and citizens.

-Mobile service space-

In the current era of rapid development of the Internet, the development of cities cannot simply rely on traditional business forms to expand their territory. Only the perfect integration of science and technology and the original business forms can have a place in the future market. As an AI driven "mobile service space", Ren Wuxing's unmanned vehicle has unlimited scalability.

In the future, in addition to the retail scenario, the company will gradually expand to diversified fields such as logistics and urban services, and work with more government agencies and commercial enterprises to build a new ecosystem of smart services, so as to prepare for the development of smart cities. I look forward to seeing Ren Wuxing's unmanned car in every city one day.