Vending trolley wedrive S3

5g mobile vending car with accurate positioning, calling and disinfection functions

  • Precise positioning
  • Code scanning call
  • Visual merchandising
  • 5g Technology

The container of unmanned vehicle adopts single-sided double door container, with two-layer physical space design, which is convenient for shopping. Deep visual selling technology supports Alipay, WeChat scan code, safe, reliable and convenient. Two dimensional codes can be pasted in a prominent position on the roadside, 5g code scanning can summon unmanned vehicles, accurate positioning, and realize the new retail mode of "goods looking for people".

Unmanned express vehicle wedrive E3

It has automatic cruise, automatic obstacle avoidance, high-precision map acquisition, APP appointment for unmanned vehicle delivery of packages, selection of delivery time, arrival notice and express delivery.
  • cruise control
  • High precision map acquisition
  • App appointment
  • Notice to pick up express

The L4 level automatic driving mobile express workstation is equipped with automatic cruise, automatic obstacle return, high-definition map acquisition, APP appointment for unmanned vehicle delivery and selection of delivery time. After arrival, the user is notified to pick up the parts by phone or SMS, which is perfectly connected with the large logistics platform, and combined with Express outlets such as communities, parks and universities to realize the demand of Express home, Solve the problem of express delivery in the last kilometer.

Unmanned delivery truck wedrive D3

  • Intellectualization
  • Security
  • Efficient
  • Environment protection

Research and develop the landing end unmanned delivery vehicle, combine the automatic driving technology with the logistics collection scene and real-time distribution scene, and realize the intelligent, efficient, safe and labor-saving goods flow. Solve the problem of unmanned delivery in the last three kilometers and realize end-to-end contactless distribution. In the future, with the continuous development of technology, the products will be extended to open roads, and the delivery unmanned vehicles on open roads will cooperate with end logistics robots to realize a new intelligent distribution system with full link unmanned.