Company profile

Shanghai Renwu robot Co., Ltd. has a founding team from well-known colleges and universities at home and abroad, and has been deeply engaged in the field of automatic driving and mobile robot for many years. Based on the field of artificial intelligence, it is committed to studying driverless technology, providing unmanned vehicle products, key parts and overall solutions to the world, and creating a beautiful lifestyle of "automatic driving + service".

After years of technical precipitation in the field of artificial intelligence, the company has the core competence of unmanned vehicle chassis movement, hardware structure design, software application, SaaS platform development and other technologies, focusing on unmanned vehicle retail, unmanned vehicle delivery express, unmanned vehicle delivery and other scenarios, so as to effectively solve the problem of "last kilometer delivery".

In addition, the company has developed a low-speed driverless kit, which integrates independent positioning and navigation technology, sensors and main parts, and enables robot and unmanned vehicle enterprises, which can help enterprises and industry users quickly build intelligent mobile robots and unmanned vehicles, meet customer customization needs and reduce enterprise R & D costs. Through continuous technological breakthroughs, it provides efficient and reliable solutions for the automatic driving and robot market.