Renwuxing unmanned delivery vehicle

Today, with the increasingly fierce global competition for autopilot and the acceleration of mass production and landing of autopilot companies, Shanghai Renwu robot company is in a leading position in robot autonomous positioning and navigation algorithms and kits. Its self-developed and produced unmanned vehicles have gradually entered the public's vision. In order to solve the problem of unmanned distribution for the last three kilometers and realize end-to-end contactless distribution.


In 2020, due to the outbreak of the epidemic, residents everywhere were inconvenient to live in isolation at home, especially it was difficult to buy fresh ingredients, and unmanned vehicle distribution was no longer the concept. How to disassemble the distribution process of unmanned vehicles? It can be divided into three steps: the courier dispatches goods to the unmanned vehicle at the site, the unmanned vehicle goes to the target location, and enters the target location for distribution.


In this process, due to the differences in the end environment, the advantages of unmanned distribution vehicles appear. In order to develop the landing end intelligent logistics robot, Ren Wuxing robot company combines the automatic driving technology with the logistics collection scene and real-time distribution scene to realize the intelligent, efficient, safe and environmental friendly goods circulation and delivery. In the future, with the continuous development of technology, the products will be extended to open roads, and the logistics unmanned vehicles on open roads will cooperate with the end logistics robots to realize a new intelligent logistics system with full link unmanned.